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Fitzgerald Nurseries, Kilkenny

Project Overview

Fitzgerald Nurseries are a specialist “trade only” nursery that produces and delivers young plants as plugs liners and stage 3 tissue culture worldwide

Eco Life Energy have designed, manufactured and installed a Smart Hybrid Heating Hub to take over the production of hot water for the heating in the Incubation sections of the nursery


System Design

System Type: Hybrid Heating Hub designed and installed to produce hot water for Space Heating in the nursery.

Onsite Energy Source: LPG Gas

We are converting the nursery from Oil to LPG

Eco Life Hybrid Heating Hub: Main Component Parts

Condensing Gas Boilers

Robur Gas Absorption Heat Pumps mounted on a skid

Thermal Storage

Metering & Monitoring of all energy inputs & outputs

Web Enabled Smart Control System

Installation of Hybrid Heating System

Post installation the control panel in the Eco Life Hybrid Heating Hub controls the existing zone pumps which are located in the original plant room of the Nursery

Read only thermostats were installed in the nursery to show the current temperatures in the area

Predictions & Savings

Carbon Footprint at the site will be reduced by an estimated 52% year on year thus helping Fitzgerald Nurseries to meet the National Energy Efficiency Plan (NEEP 2020) guidelines which require a reduction of 20% in energy usage by 2020.

Primary Energy usage at the site will be reduced by an estimated 42.5% year on year.

Projected Savings in energy costs shows a system payback of circa 4.5 years. This does not take into account the savings made by reduced maintenance costs due to the installation of new plant. It also does not take into account the potential future increase in savings caused by a rise in inflation, the need to replace old plant or the cost of energy.

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