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We, at Eco Life Energy, provide a turnkey solution to our clients. We specialise in the design, build and installation of the Smart Hybrid Heating Hub which provides a clean and cost efficient solution for high energy users.

Our award winning design features the latest in green technologies and intelligent control systems. We meter and monitor all energy inputs into the Eco Life Hybrid Hub which ensures that the most efficient and cost effective source for heating and hot water is being used at any given time.

We pride ourselves on the savings and results we have achieved for our clients over the years and this is reflected in the number of referrals and amount of repeat business we get from them. At Eco Life Energy, we enjoy talking to potential new customers about our Hybrid Heating Hub and the associated services we provide. So if you want to learn a little more about what we can do for you call us today.


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Our Clients

Through 24 hour metering and monitoring our system has proven to produce guaranteed results for all of our clients.

The Eco Life Hybrid Heating Hub has been successfully installed across numerous sites throughout Ireland. With reduced dependency on fossil fuels, we provide our clients with up to 70% savings on current heating costs and with the savings accrued, our systems pay for themselves within the first 3-5 years after installation.

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