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Drumbear Lodge Nursing Home

Project Overview

Drumbear Lodge is a purpose built 52 bed nursing home situated one mile from Monaghan Town Centre.

Eco Life designed and installed their Smart Hybrid Heating System in 2015 to meet all space heating and domestic hot water requirements at the facility and replacing the previous inefficient conventional oil boiler system.

System Design

System Type: Hybrid Heating Hub 210/60/6000 Series

Onsite Energy Source: Oil & Electricity

Eco Life Hybrid Heating Hub: Main Component Parts

Condensing Oil Boilers

Electric Air Source Heat Pumps

Thermal Storage

Metering & Monitoring of all energy inputs & outputs

New thermostats in the building

Installation of Heating System

The Hybrid Hub now controls all heating zone pumps via new thermostats installed in the nursing home.

Domestic hot water is provided on demand.

Predictions & Savings

Carbon Footprint predicted to be reduced by over 60%.

Primary Energy usage will be 50% less than in previous years.

Projected Savings in energy costs shows a system payback in less than 4.5 years. Reduced maintenance costs are not factored into the Return on Investment or the inevitable rise in energy costs.

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